Barns Courtney

It is a widely held belief that any musician hoping to further their listening audience should, as they say, “get their song in a movie”. It is up to you whether or not this advice results in success, however, I think it is safe to say that it will yield a dream come true for Barns Courtney.

Around this time last year, Courtney was working at PC world, and at the end of the day would get ready for a nice comfortable sleep in his girlfriend’s car. He initially led the indie rock band SleeperCell but in the end, decided to continue with music as a solo artist. Hoping to continue with his passion for music, Courtney served as an opening act for Ed Sheeran throughout a couple of shows on his North American tour. Despite opening for such a large act, which could have eventually had a positive outcome, Courtney was ready to hang up his cape and leave his dreams of being a successful musician behind. However, his mind was changed when he was notified that his song ‘Fire’ had been chosen out of thousands to accompany the new film ‘Burnt’. With a song hand-picked by Bradley Cooper himself, Barns Courtney is placed among those who got their first big break through having their music fill the ears of movie goers on the silver screen. Another track of Courtney’s titled ‘Glitter and Gold’ has been highlighted by multiple indie music blogs as well as BBC radio 1. Amongst other exciting news in Courtney’s career, he has just signed with Virgin Records.

Courtney’s new single ‘Fire’ exudes a variety of instruments, and his deep bluesy voice creates harmonies that electrify every lyric. The subtle yet jolting guitar riffs combined with the heavy beats of what seems like a single drum create an invigorating experience for any listener that comes across Courtney’s efforts. Courtney goes beyond just an exciting sound that for most music is the only attribute. The lyrics of ‘Fire’ describe quite accurately and truthfully the journey of Bradley Cooper’s character ‘Adam Jones’.

The world doesn’t know much about Barns Courtney. The upcoming artist now has a total of two songs available to the public, and Google has six results that appear when you search his name. Sometimes however, the music speaks for itself. His single ‘Glitter and Gold’ has thirty-one thousand plays and the most prevalent comment below the Burnt trailer on YouTube is: “what is that song?”. Music is something that is very similar to a book, in that, it is done best when it makes you feel something. Music is something that possesses the power to transport you; to make you feel somewhere besides the desk in your bedroom, or the bus as you make your way to school. Barns Courtney does just that, and is an artist that I expect we will soon hear many more great things from. He is definitely an artist to watch, and someone to enjoy and support throughout his seemingly imminent rise to stardom. As I am grateful for amazing music, I am incredibly grateful that Barns Courtney did not give up his dream of sharing his talent with the world.




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