Artist of The Week: Barns Courtney

We here at ANDPOP want to help you be trendsetters with brand new (or just underrated) music to tell your friends about — yes, that was a Weeknd reference. We want to help you to be that person who says “I knew him/her before everyone else.” A “music hipster” if you will. Our aim is to help grace your ears  every thursday with music that you’ve never heard of, but will never stop listening to. This week, our ears can’t get enough of Barns Courtney.

He may still be relatively new to the music scene but make no mistake, Barns Courtney is rapidly paving his way.

After playing front-man to a few well-known bands, the musician made his way back onto the music scene as a solo artist — much thanks to the attention of The Libertines’ Carl Barat, for which he went on to be an opening act for. Most recently, he  joined Ed Sheeran on his North American dates this past fall, putting his alternative/indie infused sound on global radar.

2015 has definitely been Barns’ breakout year, opening for Sheeran being one milestone. It was back in October when he found himself walking the red carpet for the London premier of Burnt, the movie that featured his track “Fire.”  This came after the movie’s star Bradley Cooper, and its producer Harvey Weinstein, got a listen of the track and believed it was the perfect fit for the film.

With his cool, alternative bluesy tone,  paired with his undeniable charm and onstage presence, Barns Courtney will undoubtably be a name you’ll be hearing more of in the new year.


  • Name: Barnaby Courtney
  • Known For: His alternative bluesy sound
  • File Next To: Mumford and Sons
  • Download Now: “Glitter and Gold”


  • With just his guitar in-hand, he used to perform during rap battles at London’s Scala.
  • Although he now lives in The U.K, Barns grew up in Seattle.
  • Before getting his big break, he was working at a computer software store in London.
  • For the London premier of Burnt, he took his grandmother who is from Yorkshire. How cute is he!




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