You’ve GOT To Hear This: Barns Courtney – “Fire / Glitter and Gold”


It’s common knowledge that the music industry is a tough one to break into. It’s even more difficult to be a successful, self-sustaining musician – even Iggy Pop has said that he can no longer live off royalties! Barns Courtney seemed to be no exception rule, and was thinking of quitting on his dream of being a full-time, professional musician. That is, until Harvey Weinstein caught wind of Courtney’s blues-infused “Fire”. Weinstein decided he needed the track for his film Burnt, (I know, right? Go Weinstein) and Bradley Cooper seemed to agree. Mind you, Harvey Weinstein does not sound like the kind of person who hears the word “no” very often.

“Fire” rouses you. It’s got a stomp-your-feet kind of beat and a catchy, bluesy tune. The lyrics are wicked, enticing and straight up sexy. Not to mention, Courtney’s voice is really cool. He sounds like George Ezra mixed with Muddy Waters; a little modern and a little vintage – and his tune has all of the makings of timelessness.

Courtney was supporting Ed Sheeran on his last tour, but now that has come to an end, I can only hope a debut album will follow shortly. For now, you should absolutely check out Courtney’s other single “Glitter and Gold” on iTunes or SoundCloud.




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