Barns Courtney @ Milkboy 4/9

Barns Courtney @ Milkboy 4/9

Currently performing in Austin as part of the SXSW festivities, Barns Courtney will make his way up north next month for a show here in Philly. This is a rising talent that you will definitely want to catch while he’s in town, performing at one of Philly’s more intimate venues. Tickets for the Milkboy show are currently on sale, so grab yours now.

This year is poised to be a big one from the British musician. TV fans may recognize his track “Fire” that was recently featured in the trailer for the upcoming season of Beowulf. The song was also featured on the Burnt soundtrack, thanks to Bradley Cooper and Harvey Weinstein. The singer told PEOPLE magazine, “It was absolutely bizarre. Considering I had thought my career was over, then I hear Harvey Weinstein has played Bradley Cooper my song…and the rest is history.”

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Barns Courtney, who was virtually homeless at the start of last year. In addition to “Fire,” Courtney has also been making waves with his hit track “Glitter and Gold,” which is a radio hit in the UK. He’s toured with Ed Sheeran (an old friend of his) and The Libertines. Catch him this April at Milkboy!

Barns Courtney @ Milkboy

Saturday, April 9th

Show @ 8:30 PM


BUY Tickets $10




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