Barns Courtney Releases New Single “Hands” Ahead Of Debut EP

Back in October of 2015, TV viewers around the globe looked to DaysTune to find out who was singing the thumping track on the trailer for Bradley Cooper’s film, “Burnt”. Half way through the trailer, this smokey voiced, bluesy singer burst into the songs raucous chorus, leaving us all wondering who it was.

After taking our own investigative journey, we were happy to reveal to the world it was English born singer-songwriter, Barns Courtney.

Keeping our eyes and ears out for his next step, we’re pleased to announce that Barns is ready to release his debut EP the end of May (2016). Preceeding that four track debut drop is the record’s lead single, “Hands”.

What drews us (and a host of others) to Courtney’s single “Fire” last year, is here again in the first track from his upcoming Hands EP; poundig bass drum, raw electric guitar and the kind of bluesy-rock vocal that makes you long for an underground club where pints are raised, heads bob and everyone sings along.


The EP Hands, will release on the 27th of May on Virgin EMI and along with the title track, will house the songs, “Goodbye John Smith”, “Somebody To Love” and a remix of his single ‘Glitter & Gold’ which got much attention in the UK at the end of last year.

The debut record is enough is tell music fans that Barns Courtney is the real deal. There might be a little struggle between those fans who don’t like crossing genre, but the truth is the English singer could fit nicely on the playlist of alternative, rock and even pop stations.

“Fire” is already getting airplay and attention here in the US now and with the advent of his debut EP, fans will get a much bigger taste of both his talent and breadth. The captivating piano ballad “Goodbey John Smith”, demonstrates Barns ability to infuse his music with cinematic emotion, even without all that energy; sure to make yet another movie soundtrack with that one.


We’re glad to see him finally out in the open with the release of his new record and single. There is nothing but promise and good things for Barns Courtney ahead and we’ll be here to tell you all about it.

The single “Hands” is available now on iTunes (HERE) and you can grab “Fire” off of the Official Burnt Motion Picture Soundtrack as well (HERE).




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