Barns Courtney: You’re Awesome

Barns Courtney is one of those beautiful people who take a good picture, but look 100% better in person.  He is a performer; super fun to watch & energetic.  He’s got quite the personality.  It’s apparent he’s pent-up some sexual energy on tour, or perhaps is just super Sunday sleep-in slap-happ-horny.  You never really know what he is going to do or say, which sometimes makes for a moment of shock or nervous giggles from both sides of the mic.  From pimping out his band members for members of the audience, to telling the dancing few he wants to kiss them passionately on the mouth, he’s no shame in taking it to the next level with his wild ideas of peanut oil and orifices.  He at least carries his set and knows when to stop talking and start singing.

He’s kinda quirky;  a clever songwriter with REALLY catchy tunes.

Glitter & Gold” is a song suited for Game of Thrones.  He sings it with passion, making his intense breath sounds audible.  The drums are dark.  He tries to get the crowd to echo the chorus; a tough sell at 11am on a Sunday.  It’s hard to say what could have transpired had he a more energetic crowd.

His voice offers so much to the listener.  It’s solid and super interesting with a lot of range, piquing curiosity.  Just like his verbal spewing of the mouth, it’s impossible to predict the range/tone/sound he will combine with any part of his song.

He plays a beautiful song he’s been writing on the road which is not done yet, “Hard to Be Alone”.  This is where I’m clued in:  this guy needs the bus to himself for a couple hours.

He interacts well with the crowd, responding to a “You’re Awesome” from a fan, by excitedly responding “You’re Awesome!  I love you.  Thank you.”

It appears he loves what he is doing.  His smile brightens up the stage and projects into the crowd.  He has good energy-not too over the top.  It’s genuine.

He tugs at our heartstrings with a struggling musician sob-story; he explains how he wrote “Attractions of Youth” ’on a beaten up old harmonium, but didn’t have the budget to get one of those.  ‘So I got this M-Audio Keystation instead.  It’s got a plastic charm that you just can’t beat with wood’.  He gets laughter from the crowd, but doesn’t fool us, he has seen his fair share of success, and has more in store.

Barns Courtney Setlist:
Hobo Rocket
Never Let You Down
Glitter & Gold
Think I’d Rather Die
Hard to Be Alone” (solo)
Attractions of Youth
Little Boy
Hell Fire
Golden Dandelions




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