Barns Courtney

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Born in Ipswich, U.K., Barns Courtney spent most of his childhood in Seattle before returning to the U.K. at age 15. In 2015, the young artist went from working part-time at a computer store and sleeping in a car to scoring a U.K. viral hit with the single “Glitter and Gold,” which went to #1 on the Spotify UK Viral Chart, and touring North America with Ed Sheeran, a friend from his Ipswich days. Barns Courtney has opened for The Who at London’s Wembley Stadium and has also supported Elle King, Blur and The Libertines.

Barns Courtney was thinking of quitting on his dream of being a full-time, professional musician. That is, until Harvey Weinstein caught wind of Courtney’s blues-infused “Fire”. Weinstein decided he needed the track for his film Burnt, and Bradley Cooper seemed to agree. Mind you, Harvey Weinstein does not sound like the kind of person who hears the word “no” very often.